Dougos :: Rapsani

Dougos :: Rapsani
Dougos :: Rapsani Dougos :: Rapsani

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Dougos :: Rapsani

Dougos Rapsani

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Dougos Winery is located at the foothills of Mountain Olympus, in the magical Tempi valley, just a kilometer of the national road. Our land, where the winery is built, stretches over one acre, surrounded by a vineyard of 28 different varieties and a green garden, overlooking Mt. Kissavos, river Pinios and the historical village of Ampelakia. The building covers 450m². with an underground cellar of 250m² Though it is a building of traditional architecture, it is equipped with modern machinery where all the latest techniques of wine making are excellently combined with tradition and respect for the environment. Anyone is welcome to visit our winery and taste our fine wines.
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